How to travel safely during Pandemic

This year has been rough for everyone due to this Covid 19 Pandemic. It is scary to travel for a vacations but if you follow all the safety precautions on how to travel in this pandemic you will be good to go.

Before traveling make sure you are healthy to travel by air or by car.

To travel safely here’s my travel tips during this covid 19.

  1. Travel lightly, don’t over packed things, prepare enough clothes for your days of travel, enough for you to carry.
  2. If you are traveling by air, please make sure to follow airline regulations for air travel during covid 19 especially if you are traveling international that takes longer hours by plane.
  3. Before seating to your assigned seat double check if it is clean and neat.
  4. Do not forget to wear your mask or face shield while traveling inside the plane, going to the restaurant and other business establishment that requires everyone to wear masks.
  5. Make sure to carry hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to clean your hands before eating. Avoid touching your face, because even we clean our hands it is not guaranteed that our hands is free from germs or bacteria.
  6. When using a wash room or rest room make sure to check if toilet seats are clean. Don’t forget to wash your hands after.
  7. Traveling by car gives you more freedom than traveling by air, you can carry more stuff and you can easily distant yourself from other people.
  8. Always follow social distancing
  9. Wether you are traveling for a vacation or business, take all the necessary precautions for your safety.
  10. Lastly don’t forget your travel documents if you are traveling international. Please check the CDC guidelines for Covid 19 for more information on how to travel safely.